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I have visited many interesting places in the web universe but have never made any attempt to document them until now. I will try to have enough discipline to post them here.


Soundz Music
I worked here during my last year of high school and for a year or two after. I did just about everything from setting up Spin and Dance DJ rigs to running sound or lighting for bands to being part of the sound and lighting crew for larger venues to working in the warehouse. The place is owned by a great guy, Siamonto "C" Etian. Not only did he give me the opportunity to work for him and learn the trade but it was also an opportunity to get to know one of the most unique and interesting people I've ever met.

Todds Space
Kettlebell Master and blackbelt Todd is a friend and coworker. Find out more than you ever wanted to know about extreme physical fitness!

This is the church I attend. I searched long and hard for a church and found Providence. It is a very good church.

Corb Felgenhour
I hope I spelled that right! He is the Pastor of worship and small groups. He and his wife Carol are increadible singers. Corb leads the worship team (I like to call it the Prov Band) and the Choir (What a great choir we have), and other music projects. He has a talent for picking material, the patience of Job when it comes to working us non-professional musicians, and a passion for making an impact on your walk of faith.

Grant McCarthy
I met Grant at Providence. He plays guitar with the worship team. Interestingly he moved to the United States from South Africa. 


Frank Marino
and Mahogany Rush. I have always had a great appreciation for this guy as a singer and guitarist. He has not had nearly the acclaim he deserves.

Joe Bonamassa
I stumbled upon Joe's music accidentally on iTunes and was absolutely blown away. Joe plays some of the greatest Blues/ Blues Rock I have heard to date.

Night Clubs

The Parkview
        A nice place for shady people!

The Savannah
        A nice place to see good bands. A big supporter of the local music scene.

Music Resources

Awesome Telecaster Guitar Forum.

Guitar Theory Resources
It's a Tripod site so it has lots of popups but otherwise John Comino has done an excellent job with this site.

Outside Shore Online Music School
Marc Sabatella's (Keyboardist) Jazz focused online music school.

Inside the Music with Stone Dragon
Guitar Focused theory Site for beginners and advanced players.


Fearless Books
Has a nice guide with suggetions for getting your book published.

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