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BandName: Mary Bridgette Davies & Becky Boyd and Real Life
I saw the Mary Bridgette Davies Group and the Becky Boyd and Real Life bands this weekend. They were both great. Mary Bridgette can sing. I mean really, really sing! She did an awesome rendition of Summertime. She covered Norah Jones, Jimmy Reed, Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald and more. She is playing at the parkview this weekend and I'm recommending a band outting. It's a great inspiration to see a band like that up close. I believe she goes on at 9. I will be there!

Becky Boyd was very cool. She can scat like nobodies business. The band plays mostly straight forward blues but Becky just scats away on it. Shes remarkable. She has a harmonica player that can do stuff you just wouldn't think was possible on a harmonica. He hooked his harp up to a line 6 guitar pod and then ran it through a Fender Acoustasonic. He would cover these keyboard parts by playing intervals thru the Harp(yup, you can actually do that) and then running an effect that generates additional intervals off of it. Besides that stuff he just wails.