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Kentucky Thunder
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Band Review

The first was called Kellys Hereos. They were billed as a band that took traditional Irish tunes and performed them as rock tunes. Images of Led Zepplin flashed in my mind and I thought that was a great idea and should be very interesting. Actuall it was more along the lines of singing Billy Joel tunes in an Irish accent. I like Irish music but I didn't care for these guys. Part of the reason was their PA mix sucked and they were blowing my ears out with an aweful noise. Yes you heard me right. They were just plain way too loud. I probobly would have enjoyed them more if the mix was right.

We bailed from that place after the first set and took our chances on a blind pick on the way home. The band was called Kentucky Thunder. They were great. They may have friends in low places but they really knew how to work the audience and the guitar player was effortlessly wailing through killer country riffs. He was playing the usual country blonde telecaster (yes Laurie, I'm not the only guy to own a yellow guitar!). The bass player had a nice Pbass and the drummer used a Roland Vset. That country crowd is another kind of crowd altogether. I now know what became of the cast from Dukes of Hazzard. They were hootin and hollerin and jumpin all around. The stage had more of the audience on it than musicians. There was some old lady doing the funky thing on the leg of the singer and a bunch of young girls prancing around with tamborines. It was really a lot of fun.