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John Fegy
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Band Review

John Fegyveresi, a man and his guitar.

John is a very accomplished guitarist and vocalist. His voice is rich and warm, a little gravely and interesting. He uses it well to infuse his songs with emotion, at moments reaching for pitches in a stylistic way that evokes longing and wistfulness. He plays his acoustic guitar with an intense, driving strumming style that underscores the emotion of his singing. Most of his songs have a serious, even somber tone, though an occasional tune has a light and fun feel. His performance suited the season and the mood at the Merry Arts lounge well. The bar had a warm ambiance, with a gas fireplace, white twinkle lights and votive candles on the bar and tables. Somehow the simple arrangement of a soulful voice and acoustic guitar evokes a Christmas spirit, even if the songs are not Christmas songs. John's music was well received by an appreciative audience and made for a special evening.