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John Fegy / Heidi Longauer / Outside Jakes
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Band Review

We went to the Winchester last Saturday to see John Fegy and friends.

John is a talented musician who performs solo with guitar. His voice is clear and emotive, with a little rough edge that keeps it from being too sweet. His passionate playing complements his singing voice. John covered 3 songs that we recognized: Oasis “Wonderwall”, James Blunt “You’re Beautiful”, and Toad the Wet Sprocket “Walk on the Ocean”. These songs fit in with the style of John’s original material; songs of angst and longing with either a personal or historical perspective. The mood was changed only once, when an audience member shouted out “Play something happy!” John obliged with a clever song about shopping for things like Ginsu Knives on TV. John’s set was too short, we look forward to hearing John again.

Also appearing were Heidi Longauer, the Outside Jakes and Rob Peebles.

Heidi also performs solo with guitar. Her style is mellow pop-folk, and her singing voice is remarkable! She has a warm silky voice evocative of Tori Amos and Sarah McLachlan. I think she sang all original material, as I did not recognize any of her songs. Heidi also joined John on a duet during John’s set; a song with hauntingly beautiful twin vocal lines. I’m wondering if I can download it from iTunes?

The Outside Jakes are usually a trio, but someone’s brother was in town so they were a quartet for this show. They play a sort of Old-School folk in the style of Woody Guthry or Pete Seeger. Their playing was tight and their harmonies were tighter; they have obviously been playing together for a long time.

We did not stay for Rob Peebles’ set, it was past my bed-time.