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Band Review

I don’t actually listen to much Country music but there’s this little bar in my neighborhood that a good atmosphere, good food, and bands. It’s a nice place to occasionally catch a band. The place is called Bullfrogs. They frequently feature country bands. This last weekend I saw a band there called Conestoga.

The band had an incredible unified sound. They actually had a plastic shield around the drummer. They had a great PA and everything was miced. They had two guitarists both of which were great an excellent bass player and a great drummer. Everybody sand but one of the guitar players did most of the singing. They opened with Folsom Prison Blues and they jammed it out so I liked them right away. The first five songs kicked after which the first guitarist puts down his axe and picks up an electric fiddle. He wasn’t a great fiddle player but the effect was awesome as it added some variety to their performance and you don’t get to see a guy jamming on a fiddle every day. After a while the material slowed down a bit. They really put their best stuff up front and I started getting bored. Then they turned on the distortion which just didn’t work for them at all and it was time for me to go home. I wouldn’t let that last remark discourage you from seeing them as they were really very good and very entertaining. The PA consisted of two very large JBL mains each containing two fifteen inch speakers and a horn. Unfortunately I couldn’t see inside their rack very well but there were at least three amplifiers with at least a 32 channel mixer on top. Probably The PA was not over loud and the sound was great.

The first guitarist played a red Stratocaster through a black face twin which had the grill cloth removed and the sound board painted red. It really looked cool. He was wireless but used a minimum of effects. He was an excellent player and was fun to watch as his solos were very well constructed and his tone was great. He mostly used the neck pickup which was a great contrast to the treble sound the 2nd guitarist was getting on his Telecaster.

The second guitarist played a red Telecaster through a small Peavey combo amp. I don’t know what model it was but it looked like something you would normally use in your bedroom to practice with. It still sounded great through the PA. He was also and excellent lead player and the two guitarists played separate solos, question and answer style solos, dual solos, and coordinated solos.

The bass player was also excellent. He played a five string G&L bass. He was using what looked like a PA amplifier sitting on top of a non descript infinite baffle box. I really enjoyed his playing as he wasn’t satisfied to just bounce around on one and five all night long but his licks still sounded right for the style.

The drummer played a five piece Sonar kit with what looked like a mixture of Paiste and Ziligan cymbals. He made the drumming look easy but he embellished the songs inventively and had what seemed like a rather heavy handed style. Hard to tell for sure as he was completely encased in plastic which worked well as his sound was controlled through the PA and sounded great.

Al in all I enjoyed the performance very much and would recommend seeing them.