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Once upon a time I was interested in sketching and enjoyed drawing very much as a kid. My father was pretty good at schetching. Unfortunately I stopped pursueing it. I'm not really sure why. I just got too busy and my interest wanned. 
I have decided to try my hand at it. I am finding that it is much much harder than I remember it being and I now have to try very hard to do things that had seemed to just come naturally. Good or bad I am going to document here my progress. I won't post every scribble I produce but drawings that to me represent some kind of progress. Admittedly, I am not very good at it.

*Some of Dads sketches           

Winter Trees:

I used to draw trees a lot so it only seemed natural to start on this subject. 

Winter Trees

The EYE:

Full of confidence I decided to try a subject that has always been challenging for me, a person. Being sensible I thought I would only try smaller parts of a person. I started with the eye. Actually I tried four or five eyes before I did this one. Far from perfect but I like it. You can actually tell it's an eye.



To go with the eye I drew some lips!



Perhaps not a great drawing but does have some interesting stylistic aspects to it that I do like. Unfortunately I have misplaced my original scan and the picture has smudged some since then. 

Wood and Bricks:

I was really just trying to work on textures focusing mostly on the wood and bricks. The detail washed out in the scan so I increased the gamma. That did add back some of the original color of the paper and brought out more detail but I found the more gamma I added the more detail I got so I went with a lot. It also added a yellowish brown hue to it which I actually like so I kept it.

Wood and Brick dark

Night Bridge:

This one started as a pencil sketch. While I liked it some there was really nothing special about it so I tried it as a negative image using white on black and I like it much more.

Fallen Tree:

This one started as a pencil sketch which was ok but kind of blah so I tried enhancing it with colored pencils. That was better but not spectacular so I tried doing it in negitive with white on black and adding the neon colors. The picture is much more dramatic this way. It's nothing that will appear in the next major art show but I like it and thats what counts.