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I started an interest in photography in middle school when I joined a photography club. I had an old German box camera. It only took monochrome pictures but the quality of those German lenses was exceptional and it would take pictures with an incredible level of detail. Unfortunately I do not have any existing photographs from those days. 
I admit that my subject material is what I call "wall paper" pictures. Meaning they are the kind of photo you might use as wall paper on your PC. I make no apologies for this. It's just what I like.

River Rocks

This was taken along the banks of the New River in West Virginia.

Lilly Frog

This photo was taken at Carlisle Reservation. The central subject is the white lilly and the contrast between the bright flower and the dark water and lilly pads. Unfortunately the flower is a little washed out. I like the little frog in the upper left corner.


Green Blanket

This was taken from a hiking trail in West Virginia.


This is the North Carolina Shoreline.