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Growing up I was exposed from a fairly young age to the riding of motorcycles and other off road type vehicles. It was my Dads hobby and was something I enjoyed doing with him. Together with Dad and an eclectic band of his friends we used to spend weekends engaging in various motorcycle adventures. For example we used to search the foothills around Eagleport Ohio for Wetzels cave. Lewis Wetzel was a frontiersman and noted indian killer in early Ohio history. It was believed that artifacts could be found in the region after a large boulder had been discovered in the area that was inscribed by Wetzel (You can read his complete story here). We never did find any artifacts although I have seen the boulder. Searching the coutryside on motorcycles and exploring caves and overhangs was a great deal of fun. Sometimes we would just follow a creek into the mountains. We would find old pioneer cabins and run across snakes and turtles and all sorts of wildlife.

Currently I am riding a street bike. I love dirt biking but I just don't have the resources to afford that hobby right now. I like street biking very much too. I am riding a 1982 Honda Magna VF750c. It's a great bike. It's fast and has a lot of pickup but it is getting tired and I'm starting to look around at some new bikes. 

Here are some old biking pictures

1982 Honda Magna VF750c   (Click picture for larger image)